Unique, personalized gifts to remember your most cherished memories
Photo Brags ~ Pendants
Unique and beautiful gifts to remember your most cherished memories.  

 Photo Jewelry & Pendants

Wear your precious memories close to your heart.

Using your own photo create wonderful photo jewelry.

Photo Brag™ Pendants our silver finished jewelry is a high quality rhodium plated pendant.  Rhodium is a tarnished resistant metal with superior brightness which causes less allergic reactions than nickle plated pendants. 

Personalization is available with a name, date, or short phrase for an additional charge. Please add this item to your order if you want personalization. 

  Ordering is simple!

1 - Select your picture.

2 - Email your photo to MiaPata@gmail.com

      JPEG format with no compression. 

      Scan photographs using resolution of 300 dpi or higher

3 - Select your product shape

4 - Add personalization

Frequently asked questions about Photo Brags

  • How long will it take? It will take 2 weeks to complete your orderOften it is much faster but it depends on the time of year.
  • How many people/pets/buildings can I have in my photo? We generally recommend no more than 1 to 2 subjects for the smaller items.

Selecting a picture for the highest quality results

  • Any photo will work however  a photo 5x7 or larger is good
  • High contrast photo will always work best.  Good deliniation between lights and darks, good detail in subject and balance in constrast
  • Make sure the photo is in focus.  The better the focus the better the final piece will be.
  • Your subject should take up 60-80% of the photo. The more detail and colors will be more vibrant and true-to-live.
  • For digital photographs please use at least a 2 megapixel camera or higher.  Send the photo as a JPEG with no compression.
  • Old photos can be used but can be faded or have changed color over time.  Black and White photos can be used.  







The pendants they are difficult to photograph because of their reflective nature.

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